Thursday, March 12, 2009

#14: Facial Hair

Facial Hair: Sweaters for Your Face

-Go green and grow
-Climate control for your face
-Instantly cool and cultured
-Winter warmth
-Troy Schemper's attempt annually in the month of March
-Prime real estate for Den burger left overs
-When the beard is gone, so is the magic
-Attractive to the lassies
-Given Biblical nicknames like Jesus or Moses
-Throw in plaid and be a lumberjack
-Conserve morning time
-Searching "mustache" in Google Images for facial goals
-Beard faux pas: the Neard. (The neck + beard)


  1. i'm so impressed with how accurate every entry is. have you ever thought about doing one on longboards vs. razors?

  2. you should also add chipotle, abbreviations (such as def, poss not, caf...), wearing glasses without lenses (just frames), and long boards.


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