Saturday, March 7, 2009

#7: Colorado

Colorado: So Good You Had to Leave

-Your profile picture has the flag in the background
-You've said, "You don't even know what cold is."
-Living in California for four years but still not changing your license plate
-You actually enjoy rain
-You have a Colorado flag hanging in your dorm room or apartment
-You conveniently left all your winter attire back in Colorado
-Every time you pass by the flag hanging up in the Trinity RA office you yell, "GO CO!"
-Whatever California is, Colorado is it but better (except the beaches, weather, girls and economy...)
-Feeling like the cool kids for not being the minority at the out of state mixer


  1. haha. true. in EVERY ASPECT. except the economy part.

  2. Just going to say that. Scott, I'm beginning to think that you are writing this blog.


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