Sunday, March 8, 2009

#8: The Cougar Walk Café

The Cougar Walk: The Scene to be Seen

-AKA "The Walk"
-Prime babe scopin'
-The best eatery on campus
-Encourages slang like "reans" or "burraco"
-Overwhelming depression comes from unexpected closure
-Donde esta el Tapatio?
-Tall table hierarchy
-What makes it a café?
-Daily shout outs to the tour guides
-Caution: hazardous to skaters
-Red sauce or green sauce?
-You know people based on where they sit on The Walk
-The Walk is like your hot girlfriend--always leaving you yearning for more
-24-hour quesadillas, please
-Wait, they serve hot dogs and salads too? Those aren't Mexican..
-Hot employees
-We reserve the right to refuse any Den dweller
-Weekly J-Dub spottings

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